Maki Mono (Sushi Roll) E-mail

501 Tamago Maki (Vegetarian) - £3.50
(Egg Omelette in the center)

502 Avocado Maki (Vegetarian) - £3.50 
(Avocado in the center)

503 Oshinko Maki (Vegetarian) - £3.50
(Pickles Mooli in the center)

504 Spider Maki - £7.20
(Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Cucumber and Caviar in the center)

505 Futo Maki - £5.80
(Cucumber, Crab Stick, Bean curd skin and Egg Omelette in the center)

506 Rainbow Maki - 7.80
(Salmon, Tuna, Squid, Caviar, Sesame place on California Roll)

507 Beef Maki (Buckwheat Roll) - £7.80
(Slices of marinted beef, Cucmber and Mayonnaise in the center)

508 Soba Maki (Black Wheat Roll) - £7.50
(Cold Soba rolled with Cucumber, Crab Stick, Bean Curd skin and Egg Omelette)

509 Hana Roll - £5.50
(Tobbiko, Mayonnaise and Suchi Rice wrapped with Sliced Raw Salmon)

510 California Maki - £5.30
(Sushi rolled with Caviar, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab Stick and Mayonnaise)

511 Veg. California Maki (Vegetarian) - £4.50
(Sushi rolled with Sesame, Avocado, Cucumber and Mayonnaise)

512 Spicy Tuna Roll - £4.10
(Spicy Sauce with fresh Tuna wrapped in the centre)

513 Tekka Maki - £4.00
(Fresh Tuna wrapped in the center)

514 Salmon Roll - £3.80
(Fresh Salmon wrapped in the center)

515 Tempura Roll -£4.80
(Sushi rolled with fried King Prawn in light batter)

516 Kappa Maki (Vegetarian) -£3.50
(Sliced Cucumber wrapped in the center)

517 Kani Maki - £3.60
(Crab Stick wrapped in the center)


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