Soup Udon & Soba E-mail

Thick white wheat noodles or buck wheat noodles

331 Tempura Udon/Soba - £9.80
(Noodles in a Fish Stock Soup served with Prawn and Vegetable Tempura)

332 Kitsune Udon/Soba - £8.50
(Noodles in a Fish Stock Soup Topped with Seasoned Dry Bean Curd Skin)

333 Curry Udon/Soba - £9.50
(Noodles in Beef Curry)

334 Nabe Yaki Udon/Soba - £10.50
(Noodles in a Fish Stock Soup, Garnished with Chicken, Vegetables, Prawn Tempure, Topped with Egg, served in a Clay Pot)

335 Niku Udon/Soba - £9.50
(Sliced Beef and Sliced Onion with Noodles in a Fish Stock Soup)

336 Udon Suki - £10.50
(Noodles in Sweet shoyu (Soya Sauce) Soup, Topped with Vegetables and Seafood)


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